Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love Ivania.

* As Ivania Carpio. 


Russian-Finnish project "White Nights".



Hm... The last time I was in Helsinki 2010, it was cloudy day. May 1 Early morning, I was alone with a map and a phrase book, after a long walk, I sat on the tram, on a favorite route. Traveled about an hour. The tram came to the end. All came out, I stayed. I was very scared, because it was not a place where I was supposed to be. The tram was traveling again. Again people, again Helsinki pictures. I had 30 minutes before departure the ship, and I was in an unknown place,without the phone and money.Around me were very serious people. Finns always seem so harsh, very severe, but I think they have a very kind soul. It's true. A woman with a little girl helped meThey needed to go a few stops further, but they showed me the way. They have not left meAnd I met a guy who took me to the ship, it was very nice and beautiful person. I'll never forget it.

* Anders Donner (1854–1938) was a professor of  astronomy at the University of Helsinki observatory. He is from the same town as this guy who helped me. Kokkola.